A Poetic Conversation about Useful Procrastination

“Useful procrastination” may seem like an oxymoron, but those of you who are practitioners know that it is not.  Got a deadline for work?  Wait, you also have laundry to do.  You may be up until three a.m. prepping for that deadline, but now your laundry is done.  Told yourself you were going to write two chapters today?  Wait, didn’t you also plan to paint the bathroom?  Yes, you did.  Where is the paintbrush?  Wow, the bathroom looks great!

This is my inner dialogue, expressed through haiku:


A voice inside says:

“Write.  You promised.  Now’s the time.”

But wait!  The dishes–


“No!” voice says.  “Write now!”

I’m almost done scrubbing these.

“OK, but that’s it.”


Is the garbage stinking?

“No.  Go upstairs, you can still–”

Responsibility calls!


Dishes done, trash out, check.

“Now you really have no choice.”

The dog needs a walk…

2 thoughts on “A Poetic Conversation about Useful Procrastination

  1. Yes, yes. And the more distractions (read: children) the more chaotic those procrastination moments are.
    Today I will fin-
    Is that a snake in the-?! Wait!
    Doctor’s appointment?!

    Okay, make prints for-
    Stop hitting your-! Don’t touch that!
    Just put your seatbelts-

    (Yours are far better, but thank you for the inspiration,the chuckle and the follow.)


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