“Driving the Conflict” – Monday’s Finish the Story

This story is inspired by the photo and first line provided on “Monday’s Finish the Story” – check out that website for more stories and to follow future prompts.  Mondayprompt

Driving the Conflict

(1st sentence + 150 words)

They finally made their escape.  Ted drove fast on the dirt roads.  His wife’s lips were thin and she was bracing herself against the dash.  She knew better than to speak.

The two teens in the back had their earbud I.V.’s in, and were pretending not to feel the jerks of the vehicle going too fast over potholes and cornering too quickly so that branches scraped against the windows of the SUV.

“I was trying to do something nice for the family,” Ted said loudly.

“We were trying to survive the camping trip,” Ted’s daughter said.

“I’ve had it up to here with you,” Ted said, bringing his left hand up to his chin.

The car’s right side jolted downward; teeth clanged inside four skulls.  Ted quickly steered out of the ditch and back onto the road, flushing red.

“OK,” Ted said.  “No more camping.”

“No more camping,” his wife said.

The teens nodded vigorously.

* * *

17 thoughts on ““Driving the Conflict” – Monday’s Finish the Story

  1. They were lucky it was only a ditch. My father tried use his 4-wheel drive to bash a shrub off a dirt track that just happened to be on a cliff edge. The front passenger wheel was over the edge at one point. *Shudders* I used to like camping…


  2. Camping seems to be a lot of people’s least favourite holiday. I wonder why? I like the way you show the tempers about to erupt, then the determined remarks at the end. Good story, Emily.


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