“Fantasies” – Flash Fiction, Friday Fictioneers


Photo copyright Georgia Koch


(100 words)

“I don’t know why I like it,” Dianne said.  “It’s just the idea, I think, of floating on the water in a boat.”
He shrugged.
She sighed.  “Now you.”
“Dr. Paul said we’re both supposed to share our perfect date.”
“I can’t.”
“Don’t pressure me, Dianne.”
“You always do this.”
“Let me put myself out there, then retreat.”
“And you’re perfect.”
“You think I don’t know?” Paul said.
“Your affair.  Tom.  Did he row you down the river?”
“Why are you saying this?”
“It’s true.”
Dianne shook her head.
“Admit it.”
“It’s over,” she said.

* * *

This story was written in response to Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers Prompt.  I hope you’ll check out her website, her work, and consider participating with your own works of fiction!


16 thoughts on ““Fantasies” – Flash Fiction, Friday Fictioneers

  1. The ambiguity at the end was effective. I prefer to think she wasn’t having an affair and he’s got too many hang-ups for this to succeed. Such a lot of possibilities. Well done.


  2. Dear Emily, I love your story and he nailed her – she was having an affair! Too bad – oh well, good story though and at least he didn’t hit her in the head and dump her overboard like some other stories did. Good job! Nan 🙂


  3. Emily,
    I’d like to think that with a story this short the finale is really up to the reader. It seems to me that our heroine is trying to repair her marriage. I wonder which is over–the marriage or the affair. And I’m glad you let it hang there. Nice work.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail

    Liked by 1 person

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