Flash Fiction: “Winter Morning” – Monday’s Finish the Story

This story is inspired by the photo prompt and first sentence from Monday’s Finish the Story blog.  Follow the link here (or the frog below!) to read other stories inspired by this prompt.  You can also participate in Monday’s Finish the Story yourself and link your stories to the others!  wolf

Winter Morning

(First sentence + 148 words)

She was unaware that she was being watched.  A squirrel looked down when the snow crunched under Laura’s boot.  A wolf focused amber eyes on her when her coat sleeve brushed the bark of a tree.

The other watcher was human and small.

When she stopped and began to pat snow together, he drew nearer.  From her pocket, she drew out pebbles and a carrot.

The little watcher appeared, holding out two sticks.

Laura raised her eyebrows.

He blushed, shrugged.

She took the sticks, inserting them.

She hugged the little watcher as they surveyed their snow being.  Then, Laura took his mittened hand and led him home.

The snow creature smiled at the forest animals, reaching out his arms to them.  The wolf passed by, but avoided the human smell.  The bold squirrel climbed the creature’s protruding abdomen to gaze into its eyes.  With tiny claws and strong jaws, the squirrel seized the carrot, and bolted.

* * *

If you’re looking for another flash fiction writing prompt, author Lisa Pais just put the prompt for “Tuesday Tales” up on her blog!

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