Tuesday Tales – “Reunion” – Flash Fiction

Hello! This is my submission for the first-ever “Tuesday Tales” prompt, run by Lisa Pais on her blog, The Enchanted Notebook. The prompt requires writers to use the picture below, as well as the words “snow shovel,” “purple,” and “worms” in a short story between 25 and 300 words.  Give it a try and post on Lisa’s site or via the InLinkz button!



(276 words)

Ron tossed the black-and-white photo onto the desk.  “That was taken right before Will left.  Pie-eating contest.  Will’s on the left—big for his age.”

“Why’d he go?”

“Well, your grandfather, my Daddy, was mean.  He used to hit us kids, and Will the worst.  So one day, Will packed a bundle, wrote us a note, and left.”


“You know what I remember most about Will from when we were kids?  One time, he dug this hole in the yard and he gathered up a bunch of worms.”

“Worms!” Ellie squirmed in delighted disgust.

“Yes, and he chopped ‘em all up and put them right in the purple blueberry pie filling your grandma was making.  See, your grandfather always ate the whole pie, and we thought it was so funny, getting back at him.  He made us work—we’d do the whole driveway with the snow shovel in winter, then take care of the animals, then we’d come inside and catch hell from him anyway.  What?”

“You said ‘hell.’”


“When do we get to see Uncle Will?”

“Today, Ellie.  He has a little girl, just your age.  This’ll be the first time I’ve seen him since the day we ate those pies.  Your grandfather wasn’t there that day—long day at work—and my mother said she’d make the pies just for us, only we had to eat ‘em fast, before Daddy got home.”

“Who won?”

“I did, even though I was smaller.  I think Will was already half-way out the door in his mind.”

“Let’s have pie.  The other little girl will want pie.”

Ron laughed.  “OK.  What kind?”

“Blueberry.  But no worms.”

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales – “Reunion” – Flash Fiction

  1. Great story, Emily. You’ve included the three words so well. I love the delighted disgust from Ellie at the thought of the worms. I’m not partial to blueberry-worm pie myself, but I’m glad the nasty grandfather enjoyed them! And remember never to say naughty words in front of kids – they’ll always catch you out. Haha. A fun read – well done!


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