“Decision” – Monday’s Finish the Story – Flash Fiction

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(First line + 119 words)

Dropping her line into Fool’s Lake, she patiently waited for something to bite.  Sarah refused to think about the argument.  It wasn’t her fault.

Fishing had always calmed her.  Her grandfather had taught her about the morning quiet, the stillness, the meditation of fishing.  Though that had been back home, not here, Fool’s Lake.  How fitting—she certainly felt like one.

Carl had accused her of cheating, or as good as.  He’d been through her email, her phone, sent a threatening message to her boss at work.  She had done damage control at work, but she couldn’t control what was happening at home.

The line pulled, and Sarah started to reel it in, muscles working, feeling her grandfather’s arms around her, guiding her.  Time to leave Carl.  She’d be all right alone.

23 thoughts on ““Decision” – Monday’s Finish the Story – Flash Fiction

  1. Great story. I like that she’s trying not to think about the argument but keeps on coming back to it as she fishes. I love the line about feeling her grandfather’s arms around her as she makes her decision. Well done. 🙂

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  2. Hi, Emily! Congratulations! Because you are blogger I’ve lately been enjoying a lot, I have nominated you for a Liebster Award! It’s sort of a chain-letter award bloggers give to other bloggers they really dig. If you accept, you can find the rules by visiting erinjbernard.net and reading my post, “I was Nominated for a Liebster!” It calls out you and a few other bloggers I am just so fully rooting for. Keep writing!

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    • Thank you, that’s so nice of you! I’ll check it out, along with your other nominees! I’ve done Liebster once before, so I’m not sure I should go again, but I’ll think about it and definitely very much appreciate your support and nomination!


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