“Members Only” – Monday’s Finish the Story – Flash Fiction

This story was written for Barbara Beacham’s Mondays Finish the Story.  The photo below and the first sentence are the prompt.  Click on the blue InLinkz frog below to read other stories and to add your own!


Members Only

(1st sentence + 150 words)

“Pizza anyone?”

“I can’t believe you can eat that stuff,” Rex said.

“Says the vampire who won’t step an inch outside his comfort zone,” Rita replied, taking a bite of cheese and gooey toppings.  Only a few of the company joined her.  The rest of the pale faces averted their noses.

“Not my comfort zone, my nature.”

“Potato, potato.”

“I’m going to make a new vampire,” Rex said.  “That’s why I’ve called you all here.”

“Who?” Rita demanded.

“The new star of Forever Magic,” Rex said.  “Sophisticated, handsome.  His acting would entertain us during meetings.”

“They do tend to drag on,” someone muttered.

“Hold your noise,” Rex said.  “All in favor?”

“Wait,” Rita said.  “When I wanted Shakespeare, everyone said no.”

“Suspicious bestiality in A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” a voice piped.

“Oh, shut it!” Rita said.

Arguments broke out and pizza was thrown.

Rex slipped out with a smile framing his fangs.

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