“What Comes Next” – Flash Fiction – Monday’s Finish the Story

The following story was written for the weekly flash fiction prompt provided by Barbara Beacham on Mondays Finish the Story.  We get a photo and a first sentence, and then 100-150 additional words to make a story.  Click on the blue frog to read other responses to the prompt or to add your own story!

Copyright Barbara W. Beacham 2015

Copyright Barbara W. Beacham 2015

What Comes Next

(1st sentence + 149 words)

The team employed the use of Nightshade to get the information they wanted from their captive.  She was disoriented.  She hadn’t eaten and they hadn’t let her sleep.  Now, they were threatening her with one of the last poisons left in the new world.

The problem for the team was that she didn’t care.  She was stalling, seeing what fate would bring.  She was not here to alter death’s course if it was set, especially when she knew what came after death.

She’d join the mostly invisible ranks of the ghosts.  She’d become deadly, as fast as she could.

The team didn’t want to kill her, of course.  She understood that.  She was supposed to become scared, desperate enough to say yes to whatever they wanted.

She wouldn’t.  She was the center of the resistance.  They didn’t know, or they’d be using different tactics.  Her group understood the harmony between life and death.  The team wanted to elongate life forever.  That was not the way.

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