“Moment to Moment” – Flash Fiction, Mondays Finish the Story

Here’s my contribution to this week’s Mondays Finish the Story prompt, provided every week by Barbara W. Beacham.  She provides the photo prompt and the first  sentence, and writers have 100-150 more words to finish the story.  The first line is in bold and italics below.  Click on the blue frog after the story text to read others’ stories and to add your own.

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Moment to Moment

(1st sentence + 150 words)

Now this is living the life of Riley.  I look at the contented cat, luxuriating on his cushion and nod.  He and I have that in common: the ability to truly live in the moment and be aware of all that moment has to offer.

I create for myself as many beautiful moments as possible.  Now, covered in bubbles, luxuriating in the hot bath water with scented candles and soft music, is one of mine.  Another will come tonight, when I pack up all the money, jewelry and fine clothes, and disappear while Jay Prendergast is downstairs gambling and smoking his foul cigars.  The night air always feels especially fine after a clean getaway.

The next moment after that?  I think it will be far from here.  After kitty and I have flown over an ocean and landed on our feet.  We will circle, stretch, rest, and then, we will hunt.  The two of us are excellent hunters.

Fall Issue of Chiron Review with My Short Story, “Refuge”!

The Fall 2015 issue of Chiron Review is out!  Editor Michael Hathaway is calling this issue “The Brautigan Issue,” as it includes “unpublished prose” from writer Richard Brautigan, as well as an introduction by Ianthe Brautigan, also a writer and Richard Brautigan’s daughter.

Chiron 101 cover

The issue includes several pieces of poetry, prose, and art by a variety of writers and artists.  I’ve ordered my paper copies and can’t wait until they arrive!  I’m honored and excited to be in this publication and eager to get reading.

Chiron Review is available in both print and ebook formats here: http://www.chironreview.com/store/

For a description of Issue #101, Fall 2015, click here: http://www.chironreview.com/current-issue/

“Caught Up” – Flash Fiction – Friday Fictioneers

It’s been a busy time, getting back into teaching the last few months and getting the house ready for our baby!  28 weeks and counting…  I haven’t been nearly as diligent about my blog as I’d like, but I’m back to Friday Fictioneers this week, a weekly prompt provided by Rochell Wisoff-Fields on her blog, Addicted to Purple.  You get an image and up to 100 words to tell a story.  Click on the blue frog below to read other stories and to add your own.  If you have time, check out my previous post about Three Line Thursday’s new Light Lines anthology, released this week!

Image copyright Ted Strutz

Image copyright Ted Strutz

Caught Up

(98 words)

I watch all the air riders, strung out into the sky carelessly and spinning.  I shudder.  I’ve had enough of that feeling.

I’m here to get control.  After today, I won’t be a puppet in someone else’s grip.

“Juliet?” a male voice said behind me.

“Yes,” I say, though that isn’t my real name.  “Romeo says he needs the friar.”

Baseball cap pulled down, he pulls a thick envelope from his jacket.  I hand him a different one from my purse, taking his.  We split.

Romeo.  I’ll kill him for involving me in this.  Unless I die first.

Three Line Thursday Light Lines Anthology Release! Happy National Poetry Day!

Exciting news!

Three Line Thursday

I’ve tried, as often as I can, to participate in the weekly competition run by poet Grace Black, Three Line Thursday.  Each week, Grace provides an inspiring image as a prompt, and asks that people write three lines (no more than 10 words per line) in response.  Anyone can participate by posting three lines in the comment section of the week’s competition page.  There is a fantastic community of writers there who are talented and supportive of one another.  On Saturday of each week, a winner, runners up, and special challenge winner are announced.

I’ve had a wonderful time challenging myself to get as much meaning as I can into 30 words or fewer.  I’ve learned a lot from reading the work of other talented writers there, and through this process.  I’m grateful to Grace for this continuing opportunity.

Over the past year, I’ve been honored to place in the top a few times, and even to be the winner once!  I was very excited to hear that Grace was planning to put together an anthology of poetry from the first full year of Three Line Thursday, including all the winners.  The poetry anthology was released today, October 8, 2015, just in time for National Poetry Day!  Winning poems from the past year appear in the collection, and Grace also gave us the chance to write an additional poem, following the same guidelines, for this year’s National Poetry Day theme: Light.

The anthology is called Light Lines.

I’ve ordered my copy and can’t wait to read the talented writers included there and be inspired, as I am every week at Three Line Thursday!  Thanks, Grace!

Speaking of Three Line Thursday, it is, in fact, Thursday, so it’s time to write and try out this fun and inclusive competition!  Or, as Grace would say, “come lay down ink” with the Three Line Thursday crowd!  If you order the anthology, let me know what you think!

Click here for U.S. link to order the anthology

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