A Moment for Writing (with Baby)

About five weeks ago, our first child, a little girl, was born.  Between the end of the pregnancy when I was trying to wrap things up at work and then getting to know the little one, I’ve been MIA from writing and a lot of other things.  I’m trying to ease myself back into a routine that allows for some writing.  Life has changed a lot, and I’m sure my writing will help me wrap my head around those changes.  Right now, I’m writing with a baby asleep on my chest and my husband asleep on the couch next to me.

I’m glad that I have my wonderful writer’s group to return to–they inspire me always!

I spent some time this morning working on a short story in progress, and now, a little poem:


A Moment for Writing

She is a warm weight

on my chest, her little arm

outstretched, fingers curled.


With my laptop propped

on a pillow, I write, and

bring my old world in

to meet my new one.


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