New FlashDogs Anthology: Time

A few days ago, the third FlashDogs Anthology, Time, was published in both paper and ebook formats!

The FlashDogs are a group of writers who became connected online, mostly through different flash fiction writing contests.  This anthology includes a variety of flash fiction from authors who hail from all over.  All writers wrote in response to three images (representing past, present, and future), but these very short stories show a lot of different styles and viewpoints.  I’ve enjoyed reading stories from the other contributors online in various contests as well as in the past two anthologies.  I’ve learned a lot more about the possibilities flash fiction provides, and I’ve had fun!


I was lucky enough to write for the previous anthology set, Solstice (Light and Dark), and wrote again for this one, though with the end of my pregnancy and then baby’s unexpected early arrival, I only got one story in this time!

If you’re a fan of flash fiction, I encourage you to take a look at Time and the other anthologies, as well as the FlashDogs website.  All royalties from the sale of Time go to the charity, The Book Bus.