“Broken Silence” – Flash Fiction – Friday Fictioneers

The following was written for Friday Fictioneers, run by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields on her blog, Addicted to Purple.  She provides the photo prompt (this week from Sean Fallon!) and you have 100 words to tell a story.  Click on the blue frog below to read other stories and to add your own.


copyright Sean Fallon

Broken Silence

(97 words)

“Pop-pop broken again,” Hannah said.  Aside from the electronic music, the toy lawnmower had balls that popped up and down inside as it moved.

Mother opened the compartment.  “No batteries!  I could’ve sworn…  I don’t know what keeps happening.”

Hannah whined.

“All out, sweetheart.  We’ll go to the store later.  Let’s draw.”

Hannah soon settled in with only the scuffing of crayon on paper to announce her presence.

“Need anything, Jack?” Mother asked.

“I’m fine,” said Jack, returning to his book.  He smiled, thinking of the jar of batteries under his bed and the quiet hours ahead.

By the way – I’m working on part 2 of “Spring Spirit,” and should be able to post it soon!

10 thoughts on ““Broken Silence” – Flash Fiction – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Emily,

    Those battery operated noise machines foisted upon innocent parents can be the bane of one’s existence. Usually those colorful contraptions came from the grandparents in our house. I’m sure it was meant as retribution.

    Your story’s delightful. Sorry I’m getting around late to comment, but yours made it worth my wait.




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