“Executor” – Flash Fiction for Friday Fictioneers

This story was written for the weekly Flash Fiction challenge posted each Wednesday by Rochelle on her blog, Addicted to Purple.  We get an image and 100 words to tell a story.  We also get several days to do it–the flexibility of this weekly prompt is a big plus for me, and I’m sure, for others as well!  This week’s image comes from Jan Wayne Fields.  Click on the blue frog icon below to read more stories or to add your own.


image copyright Jan Wayne Fields


(98 words)

He hadn’t been to New York since the world ended.  Approaching from the water, it was easy to slide into the old reality, but when he docked and made his way in, the emptiness hit.

He walked quickly, looking away from empty storefronts and abandoned bodegas.

No traffic, no resistance.

In her apartment, there was dust everywhere, and a smell.  A handwritten note on the bedroom door read:

If anyone survives this plague, you will.  Live.  I’ll see you when you’re through.

He sighed.  He’d hoped today would end his loneliness, but he had more solitude to bear.

14 thoughts on ““Executor” – Flash Fiction for Friday Fictioneers

    • No, not much fun at all. I think it might be the last thing he wanted…but hopefully, he’ll find ways to enjoy life…and maybe even another person, even if it isn’t the one he most wanted to spend the apocalypse with.


  1. Even if you come with a hope, there is always that moment when you have realize that hope is gone… A small detail: I feel the world solitude has a positive note to it (I might be wrong though) and would prefer to talk about loneliness…


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