“Legacy” – Flash Fiction for Friday Fictioneers

This story was written for Friday Fictioneers.  Each week, Rochelle gives us an image and 100 words to tell a story.  She also inspires us with a story of her own.  This week’s image comes from C.E. Ayr.  Visit his site for more “sound bite fiction,” as he terms it, and click on the blue frog below to read more stories that correspond to this prompt and to add your own.


(99 words)

Visiting Granny Penny was always frightening.  First, you had to wait at the far end of the woman-made lake for the boat.  You had to ignore the snapping of the prehistoric alligators as you boarded.

She’d be on the dock, watching to see if you flinched disembarking from the boat.

Her house was a maze of hallways and locked rooms.   Granny herself was silent as a ghost, appearing suddenly around dark corners.

Now, she’s left the house to me.  Why, when there were other grandchildren?  I don’t know.  What will I find?  What will I do?  I don’t know.

23 thoughts on ““Legacy” – Flash Fiction for Friday Fictioneers

    • Thank you, Rochelle! It feels like an intro to me, too. I wanted to hold myself more accountable this week for a complete story, but didn’t quite make it. There’s always next time! I’m always appreciative of the opportunity these prompts provide for inspiration, writing, reading, and thinking!


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