Poem for Enjoying Raffi Music with My Daughter

So I’ve been too long absent from my blog.  My daughter (almost one year old!) has been teething for about six weeks straight (I think–I am losing track of time–maybe it’s been two months?  Maybe it’s been forever?), and while I am content overall, I have not been getting as much writing done as I’d like.  She’s been up once or twice in the night most nights, and has been racking up the teeth!  At least I hope she can take some solace in her dental progress, though I’m not sure that’s her focus.

Though I still feel passionately about being a teacher, I’ve been settling into being a stay-at-home mom, and feel pretty happy in this role.  I have also been tutoring part-time, mostly when my husband is home in the evenings, but my mom has also helped out.  Life is a lot different for me this year compared to last year and then again the year before…

One of the things I’ve been really loving is singing, dancing, and moving along with Raffi.  Anyone else remember him?  His tender, creative, folk singing was a staple in my childhood, and I’ve learned that he’s still performing, and I now follow him on Twitter.   Here’s a link to one of his songs on YouTube.  We have one of his concerts on DVD and an album to listen to, too.  My daughter LOVES him.  She is entranced by the music and bounces up and down, sitting or standing.  We clap, we stomp–she attempts to snap.  We have maracas–it’s a good time!  So, while I may not be sleeping as much as I’d like, I wanted to rejoin my blog with a little poem celebrating something awesome.


Poem for Enjoying Raffi with My Daughter

Bouncing, face alight,

she shakes her maraca, claps–

checks that I’m dancing, too.


On another note, for those upset about what we’ve been seeing in Syria, one of the ways to help is to donate to the White Helmets.  I did, today–here is the link to their site: https://www.whitehelmets.org/en.  The area for donations is near the bottom when you scroll down.