“Revised Edition Pending” -Friday Fictioneers

This story was written for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by wonderful writer, Rochelle, on her website, Addicted to Purple.  Each week, she provides us with a photo prompt and her own story, and we have 100 words to respond with out take.  Anyone is welcome to participate–just give credit to the provider of the photo prompt (provided this week by Roger Bultot), write your own story, and click on the blue frog below to read others’ work and add a link to your own.


Image copyright Roger Bultot

Revised Edition Pending

(100 words)

There he goes again, telling my story, and telling it wrong:

How he saved a woman from a brutal murder.

Not quite.

I found out where she was.  When I broke into his basement, she escaped.  He killed me, claiming self-defense, that I’d come after them both.

I was a quiet man, with few friends.  People believed his version.

I’m not so quiet now, though.  I make a hell of a lot of noise in his diner and his house.  I’m still learning the ways of this misty world, but I’ll tell the story my own way before the end.


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