The Quiet in the Noise

I lie here, looking

for the quiet in the noise.

The world goes, goes, goes

and people walk, shout,

cling, cry, soothe, laugh, and throw things.

When the world won’t stop

(and it never will, really)

take what you can get.


“Chick,” pub. with Jersey Devil Press, and other news

It’s been a little while since I’ve written here. I have been keeping busy with life, but still finding time for writing, submitting, and meeting with my fabulous writers’ group. I have news on a few fronts.

I’m very excited to have my flash fiction piece, “Chick,” published in this month’s issue of Jersey Devil Press Magazine. I’m glad this piece has found a home, and psyched that that home is with JDP Magazine! I hope you’ll read the whole issue–some great writing there! (and great cover art!)

I also have a flash fiction story, “Tuesday,” forthcoming with Ellipsis Zine. Many writers I admire have published there, so I’m very pleased to be among them, and glad that “Tuesday” found its place–another piece that I care a lot about!

In non-literary news, I’m just past halfway through my second pregnancy. I hope you’ll hold good thoughts for my little-one-to-be, who should be joining our family in late April. We’ve told our daughter that she will have a little sister, but, as you can imagine, it is pretty abstract for our two-year-old so far.

I have been more active on Twitter lately, so I hope to connect with you there as I continue to write, grow a human inside me, and try to be more diligent with this blog.  : )