Prose and Poetry by Emily Livingstone

Flash Fiction, “Human Things,” 6th place in The Molotov Cocktail‘s Flash City Contest, September 2022

Flash Fiction, “The Scuttler,” 3rd place in The Molotov Cocktail’s Flash Monster Contest, October 2020

Flash Fiction, “The Absorber,” 7th place in The Molotov Cocktail‘s Flash Odyssey Contest, September 2020

Creative Nonfiction, “Lightning Strikes,” X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine, August 2020

Flash Fiction, “Walkabout Ted,” National Flash Fiction Day “Flash Flood,” June 2020

Flash Fiction, “The Same Gym,” Mystery Tribune, November 2019

Short Story, “Tessa,” Cabinet of Heed, September 2019

Flash Fiction, “Spacious Skies,” 5th place in The Molotov Cocktail‘s Wild Flash Contest, August 2019

Short story, “Da Capo al Coda,” published with Necessary Fiction, March 2019

Short story, “Dating Hester Prynne,” published with Gravel, January 2019

Flash fiction, “Symptoms and Remedies,” published with Fiction Southeast, November 2018

Creative Nonfiction, “Looking Everywhere,” published with Atticus Review, October 2018

Flash fiction, “After the Vital Signs,” published with Jellyfish Review, September 2018

Flash fiction, “Tuesday,” published with Syntax & Salt, June 2018 – first published with Ellipsis Zine

Flash fiction, “The Hero’s Shadow,” published with The Molotov Cocktail, March 2018

Flash fiction, “Chick,” published with Jersey Devil Press, December 2017

Flash fiction, “Comeviatorum,” 9th place in the Flash Monster Contest, published with The Molotov Cocktail, October 2017

Flash fiction, “Listening to the Animals,” 1st place in the Flash Worlds Contest, published with The Molotov Cocktail, August 2017, also nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best Small Fictions

Short story, “The Townspeople,” in Issue 18 of Cleaver Magazine, June 7, 2017, nominated for Best of Net 2017

Short story, “The Magic,” in Necessary Fiction, November 2016

Flash Fiction, “Everything Must Go,” 4th place in the Flash Felon Contest, published with The Molotov Cocktail, May 2016.

One story in the FlashDogs 3rd Anthology, Time, February 2016.

Three poems in the Light Lines Three Line Thursday Anthology, October 2015

Short story, “Refuge,” in Chiron Review, Issue #101, Fall 2015

Flash Fiction, “Unwelcome Guest,” at, July 2015

Three stories in the FlashDogs 2nd Anthology, Solstice, June 2015.  (2 in Solstice: Light and 1 in Solstice: Dark)

Short story, “The Prophecy,” in Gravel Magazine, May 2015

Short story, “Transmutation,” in Necessary Fiction, March 2015

Short story, “Not Safe,” in Black Petals, Issue 70  – January 2015

Flash fiction at Micro Bookends

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