Fall Issue of Chiron Review with My Short Story, “Refuge”!

The Fall 2015 issue of Chiron Review is out!  Editor Michael Hathaway is calling this issue “The Brautigan Issue,” as it includes “unpublished prose” from writer Richard Brautigan, as well as an introduction by Ianthe Brautigan, also a writer and Richard Brautigan’s daughter.

Chiron 101 cover

The issue includes several pieces of poetry, prose, and art by a variety of writers and artists.  I’ve ordered my paper copies and can’t wait until they arrive!  I’m honored and excited to be in this publication and eager to get reading.

Chiron Review is available in both print and ebook formats here: http://www.chironreview.com/store/

For a description of Issue #101, Fall 2015, click here: http://www.chironreview.com/current-issue/

FlashDogs’ 2nd Anthology, Solstice, Released Today!

Exciting news!  Today is the day of the Flashdogs’ 2nd Anthology release!  The anthology is in two volumes, Solstice: Dark and Solstice: Light.  143 stories are included in both volumes, written by 48 writers.  I have been participating in weekly flash fiction contests, and have been excited to read all of the creative flash stories that these writers produce on a regular basis.  I was invited via a Golden Ticket in Grace Black’s Three Line Thursday contest to submit stories to Solstice, and embraced the opportunity!

FlashDogs Solstice Anthology, available tomorrow, 6/21/15!

FlashDogs Solstice Anthology, available today, 6/21/15!

I worked from three of the available photo prompts, (two for Solstice: Light and one for Solstice: Dark) and I enjoyed the challenge.  I got the opportunity to work with Brian S. Creek, and he gave me helpful feedback on my drafts, and I read one of his drafts as well, and am looking forward to the final version.  I’ve ordered my paper copies, and I’m eager to read the other stories.  I’m excited to see how a multitude of writers dealt with the same prompts.  Based on what I’ve read from many of these writers in the past in various online forums and the first Flashdogs anthology, I’m expecting a variety of creative approaches.

If you’re looking for a summer read, I’d encourage you to get your own paper or ebook copies of Solstice: Light and Solstice: Darkavailable via Amazon.  The UK links are available on the Flashdogs website.