Haiku for Toddler Hide-and-Seek with Tickle-Me-Elmo

Elmo doesn’t laugh,

perched in a highchair, waiting

to be found again.


Copyright Emily Livingstone 2018


The Quiet in the Noise

I lie here, looking

for the quiet in the noise.

The world goes, goes, goes

and people walk, shout,

cling, cry, soothe, laugh, and throw things.

When the world won’t stop

(and it never will, really)

take what you can get.

Haiku for Trying to Buy Solar Eclipse Glasses Online

Studying the list,

seeking approved shades that won’t

burn our wond’ring eyes.

I did find some, finally.  I definitely should’ve ordered sooner, but…I didn’t.  Thanks, Museum of Science, Boston–I await the eclipse glasses!  I know I haven’t written here in awhile.  I will try to be better!  I taught summer school last month and then was sick, and I’ve taken my spare moments for other writing projects.  Hope all are enjoying the summer!