Short Story “The Magic” Published Today with Necessary Fiction

I’m very excited to write that my short story, “The Magic” was published today with Necessary Fiction as the story of the week!  I’m very grateful to have it there, and I hope you’ll take a look!

“The Magic” at Necessary Fiction

If you read it, let me know what you think on this blog or tweet to me @Emi_Livingstone.  Thanks for reading!

“Stolen Collection” – Flash Fiction for Friday Fictioneers

This story was written for Friday Fictioneers.  Each week, Rochelle gives us an image and 100 words to tell a story.  She also inspires us with a story of her own.  This week’s prompt image comes from Jean L. Hays – thanks!  Click on the blue frog below to read more stories that correspond to this prompt and to add your own.

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Photo Prompt Copyright Jean L. Hays

Stolen Collection

(100 words)


“Come on—adventure!  Local color!” Ben said, steering Janice into the little store by the highway.

Merchandise was piled against the windows.  Ben started explaining their unorthodox honeymoon to the silent owner.

Then she saw it—an unremarkable green plaid shirt—yet her heart swung toward it even before she saw the pink heart patch she’d sewn on the elbow twenty years ago.

It was quiet.  Ben was staring at a locket, mouth open.

“How—” Janice said, holding the shirt. “My dad?”

“Things find their way here,” the owner said, sitting back.  “People, too.  What’s your memory worth?”

If you have a moment and the interest, I hope you’ll check out my story, “The Magic,” published with Necessary Fiction today.  : )

“The Final Concert” – Friday Fictioneers – Flash Fiction

This story was written for the Friday Fictioneers weekly prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields on her blog, Addicted to Purple.  Check out her blog and click on the blue InLinkz frog below to read other stories and to add your own!

Copyright David Stewart

Copyright David Stewart

The Final Concert

(100 words)

The last generation of night creatures rustled.  The band in the gazebo watched the conductor.

The tuba let out a low moan, too soon.  The conductor shook his head.  No one turned to look.  Though they’d practiced, they understood that this was no rehearsal, and nerves would play their own part in the final concert.

The first flute waved to her son and grandchildren, arriving with a picnic blanket.

A distant grumble sounded; the earth shook.  The conductor raised his baton, there was an intake of breath, and the last musicians of the world played an accompaniment to its end.

I hope you’ll also check out my story published with Necessary Fiction this past week.  I’ve also been participating in the Three Line Thursday contest run by Grace Black, and won a Golden Ticket from the FlashDogs this week to write for their upcoming anthology!  I’m very excited for the opportunity!  Check out the FlashDogs on Twitter through #flashdogs and write three lines each Thursday based on a lovely photo prompt!