Poem: At Least Someone’s Having Fun…

Humphrey snow

Building momentum, we dig in

with metal shovels scraping

and the wind blowing gentle snow

back in our faces as ice.


The dog surges into a snow bank,

and then approaches,

tail wagging.

He samples snow

from several sections of the yard.

Tail wagging,

he pees

on the walls of the tunnel

we’re attempting to create

from house to driveway.


We work, pausing

to breathe, pace ourselves

before the weight and the

bending down and hauling up


He checks on us, counts us:



He paws at a shovel,

tail wagging.


Three Haikus for Snow on Thanksgiving Morning

Night pulls away, and snow

glows in fresh light on the porch.

The dog licks a patch, descends,

* * *

makes footprints circle

in the yard, revealing green.

He pauses, looks back, sniffs.

* * *

Inside, the kitchen

is already filled with warmth

and sizzling scents.